What former clients are saying:

Brian was an excellent choice for my DUI attorney. Since this was my 1st offense and I’m in my 50’s, I was quite scared. He reassured me that things would be fine and that he would handle everything for me. From the 1st time we met until the date of my last hearing he kept me informed and handled all my info for my hearings and with DOL. He even worked with the City Prosecutor prior to the hearing to get my charge reduced and he let me know as soon as he got the word that it had been accepted by the Prosecutor. I was pleasantly surprised and when it came time for my hearing, everything went exactly the way Brian said it would. He was very professional and was with me each time I had a court date. He even took care of my DOL hearing without me being present and told me the outcome. I would highly recommend him as a defense attorney and the good things is he’s reasonably priced and is open to payment arrangements.

I have known and worked with many lawyers over the years….. my former spouse is a judge on the East Coast. Without question, I recommend Brian Sullivan. He is direct, honest, a good listener, and most importantly, he gets the job done effectively.

I was rear ended and sustained neck and back injuries and minor car damage. Mr. Sullivan was extremely successful in helping me attain a $14,000 settlement. I can’t thank him enough and there is no other attorney I will consider for any future needs.

Brian has represented both of my driving children and me during the past four years for speeding tickets. Each time he has successfully had our traffic tickets dismissed or amended. This has helped keep our driving records clean and our insurance cost down.

On a Saturday night my husband and I decided to go out to dinner with our friends. We went to our local hang out spot that was close to our house. My husband had a couple of drinks and so did I. Before it “hit” us I decided to drive home. I had a burnt out head light and was pulled over. Obviously I had been drinking so I didn’t lie to the officer and was arrested for DUI. I blew a .126 at the station. I was in shock and was so scared. The officer took me home, but next day I felt horrible about what happened and was devastated. I had never had a ticket in my life and didn’t know what to do. My friend had used Brian Sullivan for his DUI and recommended him to me. I called Brian on the following Monday and he called me back while he was on vacation in Hawaii. Who does that?? He calmed me down and told me everything was going to be ok. When I met Brian later that week he told me everything I needed to do, even before I hired him. Because I had a high BAC level, Brian warned me that getting my charge lowered was going to be a long process. In Snohomish County they are usually not willing to work with people over a certain limit. I was so scared. Long story short, the prosecutor didn’t work with me and I almost had a DUI on my perfect record. Brian asked me if I wanted to go to trial and I said yes. He didn’t give up on me and supported me through the whole process. 3 days later the prosecutor dropped my charge if I spent a night in jail.
When you get a DUI, know that not every case is the same and some cases may take longer than others. If you are patient and listen to your attorney you will make it through the hard times. Brian and his team will help you with EVERYTHING. His assistant Mary is wonderful and with help you through the DOL process and will make sure you won’t miss your court dates.She will also help you with any other questions you may have, and I had alot. . Brian’s office is also very comfortable and you will instantly relax, even in an uncomfortable situation.
DUI client

 I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did on my Dad’s case. We’re as satisfied as can be with how things turned out. I’ll be sure to refer you to anyone I know in need of your services, thanks again!
D.D., Everett, WA

Hey there… I do on a personal note have to say thanks…so much …. Really and truly.
You’ve been more of a friend thru this whole ordeal to me than a lawyer…I really appreicate that.
I won’t go anywhere else for issuses. Well hopefully I won’t have anymore…’issues.’ LOL…take care!
E.S., Everett, WA

Thank you for helping my son after his charge. I am very happy with the deal you got him.
F.L., Everett, WA

You really helped me get a fair recovery after my car accident — thank you.
G.G., Lynnwood, WA

Brian, I appreciate the good fight you put up with the prosecutor. You were well worth it.
P.W., Kirkland, WA

You resolved my DWI case so fast, but explained everything so well. I am so happy I retained you.
S.R., Edmonds, WA

Thank you for helping me through my DUI. I didn’t have to go to jail after my DUI, or lose my license. I made such a bad mistake that night — thank you for making it go away. My family and I appreciate what you did very much. Thank you.
J.G., Snohomish, WA