Personal Injury Accident Lawyer

Everett, Washington
Personal Injury Attorney.

Compassionate legal representation for those in serious car / truck / motorcycle / pedestrian injury accidents.

Mr. Sullivan brings not only his experience as a former prosecutor but also knowledge of the law as a former clerk at the Washington State Supreme Court. With extensive experience in local courts, he knows how the system in NW Washington works, how to negotiate, and most importantly, how to win trials.

If you have been injured in an auto accident you should consult with an attorney before you make any deals with or accept money from the insurance companies. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Accepting money from the other party or their insurance company may keep you from receiving any further recovery. Make sure that you are receiving a fair and just offer and get the compensation you deserve.

An important aspect of an injury case is getting the injured party back to their standing prior to the accident. Mr. Sullivan’s staff of experienced professionals assists in coordinating insurance that is available to cover your bills while you treat for your injury. You can then rest assured that Mr. Sullivan is fighting to get you the compensation you deserve.

Attorney Brian Sullivan works extensively with a great paralegal team to ensure that not only your legal rights are protected, but that you get the service you need. If a fair offer is not available, the case may be set for trial to allow a judge or jury to decide the appropriate resolution.

Attorney Brian Sullivan has an injury settlement and litigation practice, and also practices criminal defense, most regularly for those charged with DUI. These unique areas of law change regularly, and require an attorney who has the experience and knowledge of local courts to get results.

While an insurance company may offer to settle with you by covering your medical bills, you may well be entitled to much more compensation for your losses. Having an attorney on your side will help you get the most recovery possible, from medical bills, to lost wages, to pain and suffering.

Mr. Sullivan limits his litigation practice to personal injury and criminal defense. Most of his cases involve DUI, car / truck / pedestrian / bike / vehicle accidents and other criminal driving offenses. By emphasizing this niche area, Mr. Sullivan has the experience and understanding to get you the results you deserve.


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