An Arrest is Not a Conviction!

Don’t lose your license and go to jail.¬†We fight your case every step of the way.

Washington Law requires those convicted of DUI to do at least one day in jail, get an ignition interlock device for a year, and pay thousands in fines and costs.

First Offense?
Many of Attorney Sullivan’s first-offense clients avoid all these things without a trial.

Felony DUI? Multiple Offenses?
For those facing Felony DUI and other multiple-offense driving crimes, a wide range of resources is available to minimize damage. But when a trial win is what you need, Attorney Sullivan is universally recognized as the counsel you need.

Recent Results:

DUI on Tulalip Tribal Land.
Case dismissed, no probable cause to arrest.

DUI in Redmond, WA
Dismissed. Client only received an infraction.

DUI in Everett, WA
Dismissed. No probable cause to stop; case was dismissed without further incident.

DUI .19 / .21 BAC – Monroe, WA.
Reduced to Negligent Driving 1st Degree

DUI Refusal – Monroe, WA.
Reduced to Negligent Driving 1st Degree.

DUI in Shoreline, WA.
Result: Case Dismissed; no probable cause found for the arrest, even though a breath test was taken before the arrest.

DUI under .14.
Result: Reckless Driving, no jail, 30-day license suspension (driver able to continue driving with an occupational permit).