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Aggressive in Court. Compassionate & Proven Results.

Mr. Sullivan is a former Snohomish County Prosecutor who has handled thousands of DUI / DWI cases.  He has successfully argued countless motions and obtained many great results for his clients.

Mr. Sullivan has the legal knowledge, insight, and understanding of criminal driving offenses that are necessary for the best defense possible.

As a client your case will receive a full personal analysis by attorney Brian M. Sullivan. When needed, Mr. Sullivan contracts for his clients full-service, private investigation of incidents.

The State of Washington and the court have a law firm and the police on their side.  Mr. Sullivan is the right lawyer to combat them.

Mr. Sullivan has successfully fought for pre-stop observations, probable cause issues, and suppression of the DUI Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) or the Breath Test (BAC) — even instances of refusing the breath test, and suppression of blood tests.

By thoroughly understanding how procedures and law apply to your case, Mr. Sullivan is able to fight for the best possible resolution to your case.

Don’t get stuck with a DUI or other criminal charge if you don’t have to. Mr. Sullivan is on call and will speak with you about your case and give you a free analysis of the situation.