Kirkland, WA DUI Charges?

We Fight.   Relentlessly.   For You.

Regardless of the facts surrounding your arrest in Kirkland, or the surrounding area, and guilt or innocence aside, just by virtue of being arrested your life could change dramatically over the next few months. But it doesn’t have to.  Your Kirkland Drunk Driving Defense is important.  Find the right lawyer to represent you.

You can control the amount of time you have to spend having to deal with this situation and any consequences that may follow. You can control the amount of money this will cost you. You can protect your rights and limit the impact this has on your daily life.

Below is a very brief outline for our Kirkland, WA DUI Defense of driving charges.

Please contact us for a free, comprehensive consultation. Remember, however, that you do have a deadline approaching.


It is imperative that a hearing with the Department of Licensing is requested within 20 calendar days of your arrest. If you fail to do so, you waive your right to a hearing.  You cannot, however, be represented by a Public Defender at this hearing.  Our experience and success with these hearings assures you that the best witnesses are available and that the best defense is prepared to deal with the State’s witnesses.


Your first court date is called an arraignment and it is the first step in the pre-trial court process.

Kirkland Municipal Court has a normal procedure for Arraignment.  You will be summoned to the court with a Notice of Arraignment.  For DUI offenses, your appearance is generally mandatory.  Other offenses may be eligible, with counsel, to have your presence waived.

At this hearing we will enter a not guilty plea on your behalf and set future court dates. This not only preserves your right to a jury trial but also allows us time to gather all the evidence, perform legal research and confer with you. This first court date intiates the pre-trial process.

The Pre-Trial Process

Kirkland DUI Cases move on a pre-trial time-line from readiness hearings, to trial confirmation, to trial.  Prior to trial, the case may also be set for CrRLJ 3.5 3.6 hearings, which are pre-trial motions to suppress evidence that can be used in the trial against you.

Prior to any discussions however, generally a supervising prosecutor will review your arrest report and based on the contents of that report plus any other evidence they believe would be presented at trial he or she will determine what the initial pre-trial offer will be in your case. The supervising prosecutor does this without knowing who you are represented by and without speaking to your lawyer.

Our goal counter this offer with a successful request for dismissal or a reduction of the charge.  Quality representation requires extensive time be spent gathering and reviewing all the evidence before considering how best to pursue this goal.

Jury Trial

You should remember that your right to trial is your right (not the judge, prosecutor or defense attorneys).  However, many cases resolve short of trial and you will make the decision about going to trial months after detailed consult with counsel.

For your trial, we will fight relentlessly for you.  From having the best experts to the best cross examinations and closing arguments, we bring experience, skills, and the advocacy you can stand behind.