November 20, 2010 Update:

*** Starting New Years Day 2011, Ignition Interlock Laws in Washington are changing again… make sure to consult with up-to-date legal counsel!


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New law gives drivers the ability to drive, even after their license is suspended for a DUI charge.

New Washington Law: as of January 1, 2009, drivers arrested for DUI have 20 days from arrest to properly request a DOL hearing.

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Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is a new type of license available in Washington (WA) State.  Drivers arrested for DUI will be allowed to apply for an Ignition Interlock Device License, a license that allows drivers to continue driving at all times, so long as they are compliant with installation and usage of a “blow and go” device.

The device generally requires a driver to blow into a machine to start the vehicle.  The driver is also required to blow into the machine at intervals during driving.  The presence of alcohol (or alcohol at a particular level) will keep the car from starting or disable the vehicle.  There are numerous types of devices offered by different companies. It is important to learn about the different options available before making a choice.

An IID can be installed on most any vehicle, including motorcycles. Drivers will be required to go to a State-certified IID provider to have the machine installed and maintained.  The devices are generally available for sale or lease.

You should consult with your lawyer about getting an IID installed in your car, and learning what the pros and cons are.  For example, drivers who get IIDs installed waive their right to a Department of Licensing hearing where they can challenge the adminstatrative action against them. By giving up the right to that hearing, you also agree to accept other consequences of the adminstrative action, e.g., a requirement to have high-risk (SR-22) insurance for 3 years!  However, the benefit of being able to drive may outweigh the costs, but it is important to get good advice from a lawyer about your particular case before proceeding.

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