Breaking DUI News in Everett, Washington, and beyond:

More women than ever before are getting DUI charges. See articles from thet NY Times and ABC News.

NPR News Reports that the infamous DUI La-Z-Boy Recliner is no La-Z-Boy at All.

Family of Everett Man Shot by Police Files $15M Claim:

New York Times Article on DUI Consequences:

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Just because you got charged with a DUI doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with one.

Washington DUI Laws:

Statute for Driving Under the Influence: RCW section 46.61

State “Per Se” BAC Level — Adults with a .08 BAC (breath test) or higher are “per se” DUI in WA.

As of August 2005, all states have DUI laws that deem “per se intoxicated” any driver with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above .08 percent. This means that drivers with a BAC at or above .08 are intoxicated in the eyes of the law, and no additional proof of driving impairment is necessary.

“Zero Tolerance” BAC Level — Minors with a .02 BAC (breath test) or higher are “per se” Minor DUI in WA.

All states carry “zero tolerance” laws that target drivers under the legal drinking age. In WA, these laws penalize persons under 21 for operating a vehicle with a negligible BAC level of .02 percent.

Enhanced Penalty BAC Level — .15 BAC (breath test) – If you blow over a .15, the penalities are greatly enhanced

Refusal — Refusing the Breath Test (BAC) is grounds for increased penalities, both for a potential license suspension and criminal penalites. A first-time DUI conviction where the person is found to have refused is subject to a one-year license revocation.

Mandatory Alcohol Education and Assessment/Treatment — Alcohol education and treatment/assessment penalties for DUI offenders can include mandatory attendance at DUI prevention programs, and assessment of potential alcohol dependency problems. Such programs are often made “conditions” of the person’s release or conviction for a DUI.

Ignition Interlock Device –  A vehicle ignition interlock breath-testing device measures a vehicle operator’s BAC, and will prevent operation of the vehicle if more than a minimal amount of alcohol is detected (i.e., BAC level of .02). DUI offenders are required to pay the costs of installation, rental, and maintenance of an ignition interlock device.

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