Overview of Court Penalties for DUI in the Greater Seattle Area:

Penalties of a DUI in Washington State:

License Suspension, Jail, Fines, Costs, Home Monitoring, and Ignition Interlock Devices

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A DUI charge is a serious criminal matter.  Every case is different, and an experienced DUI Attorney should be consulted about the particular aspects of any case.  Below, you can see the grid the court uses in determining sentencing for DUIs in Washington State.

In addition to mandatory jail time for DUI convictions, our State seeks to take away your license.  This is done on two fronts: both through the criminal prosecution AND through the Department of Licensing (DOL).  The DUI / DWI penalties imposed will be based on the person’s prior history, the current incident, and the individual court or judge.

However, an experienced DUI attorney can help you fight your case.  From the initial stop, field sobriety tests, any statements made, and any blood/breath alcohol tests, an experienced DUI attorney will fight to suppress evidence and get you the best result possible.

Many of my clients have initially been charged with a DUI, but after fighting the prosecution, I have often been able to get my clients heavily reduced charges (often with no jail and no impact on their driving rights).  For example, a reduced charge of Reckless Driving may carry no jail time, and only a 30-day, court-imposed license suspension.  A reduction to Negligent Driving may also have no jail AND no court-imposed license suspension.

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