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Referred to by Judges, lawyers, troopers, and former clients. When friends need help, the call goes to the Sullivan Law Group.

The Attorneys at the Sullivan Law Group emphasize a practice in DUI / Criminal Defense & Personal Injury.  We include an active Members of the National College for DUI Defense, Washington State Association for Justice (formerly Washington State Trial Lawyers Association), and Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Don’t go to jail for your DUI & Keep Your License.

In Washington State, if you are convicted or plead guilty to DUI (also known as DWI or OUI), you must spend at least one day in jail.  If you have prior convictions the mandatory minimums may be greatly increased.

You are also subject to losing your license, being required to carry high-risk (SR-22) insurance, go to alcohol and/or drug treatment, and only drive vehicles with an ignition interlock device attached.

In addition to jail, those convicted of DUI face heavy fines, requirements through probation, and mandatory alcohol evaluation/follow-up treatment.  Not to mention having the stigma of a DUI conviction.

Don’t get stuck with a DUI when you don’t have to.  We can’t change what happened that night, but it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a DUI.  A detailed review of your case for legal issues and a rigorous discovery process ensures that you get the best defense available.

We have the experience and proven results to fight your case – and win.  Call (425) 322-1076 now for a free consultation.

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Aggressive in Court | Compassionate & Proven Results.

Mr. Sullivan is a former Snohomish County Prosecutor who has handled thousands of DUI / DWI cases.  He has successfully argued countless motions and obtained many great results for his clients.

Mr. Sullivan has the legal knowledge, insight, and understanding of criminal driving offenses that are necessary for the best defense possible.

As a client your case will receive a full personal analysis by attorney Brian M. Sullivan.  When needed, Mr. Sullivan contracts for his clients full-service, private investigation of incidents.

The State of Washington and the court have a law firm and the police on their side.  Mr. Sullivan is the right lawyer to combat them.

Mr. Sullivan has successfully fought for pre-stop observations, probable cause issues, and suppression of the DUI Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) or the Breath Test (BAC) — even instances of refusing the breath test, and suppression of blood tests.

By thoroughly understanding how procedures and law apply to your case, Mr. Sullivan is able to fight for the best possible resolution to your case.

Don’t get stuck with a DUI or other criminal charge if you don’t have to.  Mr. Sullivan is on call and will speak with you about your case and give you a free analysis of the situation.


As your lawyer, in addition to fighting the legal battle, I will personally help you navigate the difficulties of dealing with your DUI — from the Department of Licensing Hearing (always included in my flat rate fees) to court appearances to everything else in between.

Brian M. Sullivan
Attorney at Law

What makes a Good DUI Defense Lawyer?

Your attorney must be a zealous advocate for you — your rights and freedom are at stake.  A good DUI defense lawyer will fight the probable cause to stop, arrest, FSTs, statements, and breath test.

Success at any of these issues may get your case dismissed or the charge greatly reduced.  If there was no probable cause, generally the case must be dismissed!

Even minor success on some of these issues may yield the opportunity for lesser charges and penalties.

Each case is different, and requires the experience of an attorney who handles numerous DUI cases on a regular basis.

Note: Persons arrested for DUI may be subject to additional criminal law penalties not addressed here. A free analysis of your case by Attorney Brian M. Sullivan will tell you what you need to know about your DUI and how to beat it.


Attorney Brian M. Sullivan is a member of the National DUI College, the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Eagle Member of the Washington State Association for Justice (formerly Washington State Trial Lawyer’s Association), and a former Snohomish County DUI Prosecutor.

Brian has successfully defended numerous DUIs in Washington from Seattle to Kent, Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, Seattle, Monroe, Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, Lynnwood, Snohomish County, Everett, Marysville, Mount Vernon, and Anacortes.