Kirkland, WA Marijuana Attorney: Possession, Manufacture (growing), Distribution, Medical
Lawyer for marijuana (weed / pot) arrest in Washington.  Don’t Just Take It; Take it to Trial.

We understand that your arrest and prosecution for possession of marijuana is serious. If you need a Kirkland / Eastside Criminal Defense Attorney experienced in defending marijuana cases, contact us today to discuss the best strategy for fighting your cannabis charges throughout the greater Seattle / Belleveue area including Snohomish County, King County, Pierce County, Washington.

Defending Your Washington Marijuana Case

In any drug case, including possession of marijuana (also known as cannabis, weed, or pot) there are important defenses that can be asserted through motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence or motions to dismiss the charges for insufficient evidence. Call us to discuss your case with an attorney that will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case to determine the best strategy to fight your possession of marijuana charge.

Possible issues that can cause the suppression or exclusion of evidence can include:

  • Can the prosecutor prove that you were in constructive possession, or did the cannabis belong to someone else?
  • Did the police have legal cause to stop your vehicle, ask you to exit the vehicle, conduct a pat down of your person, or perform a search of your vehicle?
  • Did the police have legal grounds to search your person, vehicle, or residence?
  • Were your rights violated in the execution of a search warrant?
  • Were your rights violated in the execution of an arrest warrant, and seizure of evidence as a result of that arrest warrant?
  • Did the police have probable cause to arrest you for the offense of possession or sale of marijuana?
  • Did the police have sufficient evidence to charge you with possession with “intent to sell” or did they just trump up the charges?
  • Was the marijuana or cannabis within plain view or easy reach?
  • Were you were entrapped by the police through the use of an undercover officer or a confidential informant?
  • Did the police read your Miranda warnings to you before conducting an interrogation?
  • Is there sufficient evidence to prosecute the case?
  • Can the prosecutor prove that you knew the marijuana was in your home or vehicle?
  • Can the prosecutor prove that you knew the illicit nature of the marijuana in your constructive possession?


Snohomish County DUI Arrests on the Rise

The Snohomish County DUI and Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Force is arresting more Everertt, Monroe, Lynnwood, and Marysville drivers suspected of being impaired. While enforcing safety on the roads is important, such teams may also be overzealous in their prosecution of citizens who aren’t impaired.