Drug Possession Crimes in Washington State

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An Arrest is Not a Conviction

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In Washington, possession of just a small amount of marijuana is a crime — even if it’s only for personal use, or even if you have a prescription (which is only an affirmative defense).

Because of the potential for severe consequences, counting on a prosecutor to see you for “the decent person” you are, to understand that it’s just a little “pot,” that you’re sorry and that they should go easy on you are not risks you want to take.

I know. I used to be a prosecutor.

If you or someone close to you has been arrested on a marijuana charge or other drug offense, contact us for a free consultation.  Get advice from an experienced defense lawyer who can help.

Working toward a Positive Result:

Conviction on a marijuana charge has serious consequences, criminal and otherwise. If you’re young and still in school, it could mean not only jail time and expenses you can’t afford, it could also mean losing your federal student loan funding. If you’re older and already in the job market, it could mean the difference between being hired and not getting the job.

But remember: an arrest is not a conviction.

Charges could be dropped.  I could obtain an acquittal for you at trial.  A plea agreement on lesser charges could be offered.

In drug cases, you may also be looking at options such as having your case handled in a special drug court or being offered deferred sentencing or a pre-trial diversion agreement.

Whatever the options available to you are, my firm can guarantee you this: Achieving the best possible outcome is what we’ll be focused on throughout your case.

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Whether you’ve been charged with possession of marijuana or with trying to grow it in your basement for sale, your rights are important to us. You are important to us, too.

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An arrest is not a conviction. Don’t let a bad decision ruin your life.

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