DUI Sobriety Checkpoints in Washington State and Your Rights

DUI Sobriety Checkpoints in Washington State: Unconstitutional, and a Slippery Slope of State Constitutional Protections. The issue of DWI / DUI Sobriety Checkpoints in Washington State has become a hot legislative and legal issue. While checkpoints are used, to some degree, in 38 states, Washington State’s Courts have struck down such invasions into our privacy.

4th Degree Assault in Kirkland, Washington – Not Guilty!

Successful Criminal Defense Verdict A Kirkland Municipal Court jury recently returned a verdict of not guilty for one of our client’s charged with Assault in the Fourth Degree.  Jason Lantz, Associate Attorney at the Law Offices of Brian M. Sullivan, PLLC, spent hours investigating the case by interviewing witnesses and working with the client.  Thanks

Pharmacy Error | Were you given an incorrect prescription?

Recently, there have been news of incorrect drug dosages being dispensed by local pharmacies. Generally, these cases involve the patient receiving the wrong pills, but notably, the correct pill description is usually identified on the bottle.  In these cases, patients often quickly and accurately deduce they have received the wrong medication. What makes the most

Not Guilty Verdcit in DUI Case – DUI Defense Lawyer Brian Sullivan Ends Year With Accquital

A King County jury acquitted V.G. in December 2012 after a jury trial for Drunk Driving (Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor and/or Drugs, RCW 46.61.502). V.G. was represented by Attorney Brian M. Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan’s client had been arrested almost a year earlier. He was initially stopped for “bad driving” – that is,

Lynnwood, WA – DUI & Personal Injury Lawyer – OFFICE GRAND OPENING – Law Office of Brian M. Sullivan & Associates

7411 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036 – The Law Office of Brian M. Sullivan and Associates, is expanding. This month, our 3rd office location is opening, right near the Edmonds and Lynnwood city line.  Initially, hours will be by appointment only.  But with the high demand our office has in Lynnwood Municipal, South District

St. Patricks Day Weeknd – DUI Patrols are out there.

With the merriment of St. Patrick’s Day comes the unfortunate fact that many folks choose to drink and drive. Accidents, sometimes fatal occur. In response, the WSP and other police agencies usually step up their patrols. Accidents and Injuries on the weekend of 3/17 each year has prompted the following actions: http://www.maplevalleyreporter.com/news/141442093.html