New DUI law the gives WA one of the most “comprehensive ignition interlock programs in the country”

House Bill 2443 may go into effect soon.  It is being hailed as one of the most comprehensive ignition interlock programs in the country.  The bill further moves the issue to the hands of the Department of Licensing, and away from municipal and county courthouses.   The question will be whether DOL can administrate the program as well, and more cost effectively.  The major concern is how to help those injured by the administration of the law.

Capt. Jason Berry, legislative liaison for the Washington State Patrol, stated “as we look to technology to assist us in changing offender behavior, maintaining quality assurance and ensuring these drivers remain sober, we need appropriate oversight in place.”   Oversight of DOL rulings, however, will likely be a major new issue with the increase in their volume dealing with suspended, revoked, ignition interlock, occupational restricted, and commercial driver’s licenses.


The costs are passed on to those who are charged with DUI and convicted of that offense, or a lesser offense.

The bill also urges ignition interlock devices come with a facial recognition system when possible.


The DUI law takes effect Aug. 1, 2012.

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