DOL Timing in Washington State – Kirkland DUI Lawyer Brian Sullivan

When a police officer arrests you for Driving While Under the Influence (DUI), he or she is supposed to submit a report to the Department of Licensing (DOL) within 72 hours. This is true for Kirkland Municipal Court DUI charges and those for the surrounding areas in Washington State.

This initiates a process with the DOL to suspend or revoke your license for a period of time based on your record and your breath test or refusal. Unlike in the court where you are innocent until proven guilty, under Washington Implied Consent Law, you are essentially guilty until proven innocent with the DOL.

When a citizen is released by the police after a DUI investigation, he or she should be given a hearing request form. This form must be postmarked to the DOL within 20 calendar days after your arrest or your suspension or revocation will be automatic.

At the Law Office of Brian Sullivan, our DOL hearing rate is above the state average because we fight hard to cancel suspensions and revocations.

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