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After being arrested for DUI, a criminal charge in Washington State, you may feel overwhelmed and as if there is no way to avoid being found guilty. After all, the State has nearly infinite resources and saw a lot: the officer (maybe several) will write a report, you may have done field sobriety tests, and likely there is a breath test or evidence of a refusal.

Consequences may include jail for up to one year (more for Felony DUI), a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, and fines/court costs up to $5,000. Additionally, you may be required to have high-risk insurance for 3+ years, have a breath test machine required in cars you drive, and be forced into years of alcohol / drug treatment.

Your DUI lawyer should have the knowledge, skills, and experience of fighting DUIs. Mr. Sullivan has all three.

A DUI charge is difficult and requires an effective attorney with cutting-edge knowledge of the law and legal system. While breath test results and admissions to an officer may seem like overwhelming evidence, your DUI attorney should fight for you through each element. Mr. Sullivan personally reviews each piece of evidence (breath test, reports, etc.), and thoroughly examines them, focusing often on each aspect that shows each client’s indications of sobriety.

Mr. Sullivan has been trained, not just in courtroom as a deputy prosecutor and private attorney, but also specifically in the administration of the DUI Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. He works extensively with a team of SFST experts in analyzing his clients’ cases.

The majority of Mr. Sullivan’s current clients are fighting DUI charges. Mr. Sullivan has represented numerous clients as first-time offenders, and those also with extensive criminal history. He has experience fighting the cases from both the perspective of a prosecutor, and a well-trained defense attorney.

Attorney Brian Sullivan has a litigation practice, emphasizing in DUI, criminal defense, and personal injury. These unique areas of law change regularly, and require an attorney who has the experience and knowledge of local court systems to get results.

Many of Mr. Sullivan’s first-time DUI clients never do a day in jail. Those facing more serious consequences, like a second or third DUI, have much more at stake with increased mandatory minimums, requiring an attorney who can effectively weaken the State/City’s case to get the best offer available.

In cases where Mr. Sullivan’s clients do not get an acceptable offer, the client always has the option for a trial. Mr. Sullivan is well-known former DUI prosecutor who is skilled in the courtroom and well versed in the science and trial skills necessary for a not guilty verdict.

Fortunately, getting your DUI reduced to a lesser charge has the potential to keep all these things from happening. Mr. Sullivan has the legal knowledge, skills, reputation, and experience to help ensure that the best deal available is on the table with the prosecutor.

The bottom line is that Mr. Sullivan fights for the best deal available. It is always your choice whether to take the deal, or go to trial.

Frequently, many of Mr. Sullivan’s DUI clients are able to get great deals, like a Neg 1 or Reckless Driving, even if they admitted to the charge! These deals save them their license, jail, and/or probation. They are also much less expensive than the costs and burdens of the original charge.

Mr. Sullivan brings not only his experience as a former prosecutor but also knowledge of the law as a former clerk at the Washington State Supreme Court. With extensive experience in local courts, he knows how the system in NW Washington works, how to get deals, and how to win trials.

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